“You are really funny, and it’s a really different style.”  – Penn Jillette


“Enthusiastic Nodding.”  – Teller


“We had a blast!”  – Bark Box


“Oh my goodness, you’re amazing!”  – Judith Ford, Miss America 1969


“Refreshingly honest about his dishonesty.”  – Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive


“Highly enjoyable.”  – Hilly Kenkel , Arts Wave


“Post-modern sense of playfulness.”  – Bart Bishop, City Beat


“Erik Tait is a joy to work with – funny, smart and a true professional.  Anyone who says differently probably knows him way better than us.” -Jimmy Mak, Head Writer, Shadowbox Live


“Erik Tait and Nickey Winkelman are the Jay Z and Beyonce of Columbus Comedy” -Travis Hoewischer, Editor 614 Magazine*


“In the world of up close and personal magic, Erik Tait makes David Blaine look like Ashley Simpson.” -Preston Baker, Owner Aespyre Sculptures


“He’s probably the funniest comedian in Columbus.” -Mark J. Lucas, Columbus Comedy Impressario


“You’ve got the best hands in the business.  Fast as lightning, fingers like hummingbird wings.”  –Matt Mays, Lead Singer of Matt Mays El Torpedo


“Sensitivity and substance, with a dash of wicked wit, combine to make this young comic a true talent whose rising star bears watching.” – Bonnie Black, Co-found SoleVishyuns


“Wild, original, cutting edge, and funny too!  A headliner in every way.” –Jim Hedrick Executive producer of The Comedy Barn


A mind and spoon bending performer.” -Simon Lovell, sleight of hand expert


“If you don’t think there’s a way to do it, you haven’t met Erik.” – Angela Funovits, Miss Teen Cleveland 2004-2005, 1st Runner up NBC show Phenomenon


“If Erik didn’t use his powers for good, he’d be dangerous.” -Stephen Knowles, Ventriloquist


“Erik Tait combines sassy, snotty, and dashing into one mystical package.  Hide your daughters, but bring your mom!” –Kim Cooper, Esotouric


“Erik Tait is magic, as a performer, writer, and comedian.  He enlivens any gathering and makes everyone near him feel privileged to be there (and even to be tricked!)” –Dr. Marilyn Kallet, poet, Hodges Chair for Distinguished Teaching, UT


“I’m very proud to be associated with Erik Tait and I’ll be following his career with great interest.” -Scott Houghten, Jessie and James


One of the best card mechanics I’ve seen.” -Bob Hamill, Ventpeng Productions


“Erik’s juggling skills and ability to entertain an audience are well beyond his years” -Rodger French, Producer Atlanta Jugglers Festival


“Very entertaining!” -Viskase Corporation


“Erik has been a great performer in our Pre-show.” -Charles R. Miller, Smokey Mountain Shakespeare Festival


“Erik was simply spectacular.  There are few words to describe him.” –Humber College Student Federation


*Said casually and possibly sarcastically at a party, and not in the magazine